halloween face makeup

The ideas of Halloween face makeup

Halloween face makeup

The word Halloween describes a fright night of October 31st and it was believed that in the past, the dead people appeared as ghosts from their graves. In that sense, the children celebrate the ghostly nights and observe the funny days in a Halloween face makeup. The scary nights are however celebrated by the gruesome and horrific faces such as dead bodies, ghost faces, departed spirits, blood sucking vampire and much many more. The fear and horrible night participants wear different type of costumes that are supplemented with the terrifying makeup as well. There are some Halloween face makeup ideas that include-

Witch looking face makeup:

the classic idea of a Halloween face require several types of colors to use. Just apply a bit green face paint as a symbol of witch that comes at night. The outline of the makeup must be terrifying so that one gets fear to see it.

Mom face:

this is a easiest and cheapest Halloween makeup. The mud mask is used to pose as a mother. This costume is favorite to the women who like to be mother as a whole.

Half sugar skull:

Go it easy. Just use your favorite colors and sketch the design you like most. It quite depends on your choice to use the makeup. So, you can take a terrifying design that shows your skull half open. It’s really awesome to paint to enjoy.

halloween face makeupComic girl:

If you ever read a comic series, you will have noticed the comic face on the cover page. It is actually designed according to the story of the book. So, apply vivid colors to make you up a comic girl the concept of Halloween face makeup.

Fish scales on the face:

just become a sea-princess in the touch of your daily makeup. Use different types of colors that give you the similarity of fish scales after using the makeup. When you put the design on your face, you will be looking as sea-princess. And terrifying too.

Creepy clown:

the wonderful idea to be clown and lucky to make someone happy. The funny dresses with deep colors, a clown is really a successful entertainer who loves to amuse people. The idea comes from a Halloween face makeup.

Peacock face makeup:

suppose, you have loan colors and feathers from peacock. And then, just you have put them according to a peacock on your face. Now, you are completely a peacock and Halloween queen. Just enjoy it as your own.

Dear face:

when you have come with a design of deer, then you will have definitely a cute and good looking face. On the other hand, people will fear to see you as human deer that is only possible for a alien. So, it tells about a Halloween sign in terms of fear night entertainment.


However, the design is unlimited and one can go along the indefinite horizon of the design world. The idea is very simple when you think about a clown in different faces. So, no limits for the Halloween face makeup when you are ready to plan for facial makeup.

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