short hairstyles for round faces

Get Stylish with Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces


Who is not worried about his/her beauty? One’s outlook appearance describes his/her character or type. A nice person is also beautiful by his/her appearance. The hairstyle is a major factor of a person’s outlook appearance. It indicates one’s personality.

Select your hairstyle based on your face cutting

Hair quality and type differ from person to person. So, hair style should be done based on the quality or type of hair. However, the primary concern of one’s hairstyle is his/her face cutting. Same hair style does not go with both round face and triangle face or oval face. Today we will talk about short hairstyles for round faces.

How short hair styles can be matched with round face

People think that short hairstyles do not match with round face. Yes, it is true, but there are such lots of cute and lovely short hairstyles for round faces. For round shaped faces, you can keep front bangs. It is also applicable for boys. Girls can keep a bit long bangs than boys. However, sometimes heavy bangs on forehead do not look nice. Some girls should also avoid heavy side bangs if their facial structure does not go with it.

Pick your short hairstyle for round faces

If you do not like bangs or it does not suit you, you can keep some layers of volumes on the top. If you possess curly hair, you can also try a curled bob. The side bangs and bouncy hair on your neck will help to look your cheeks slimmer.

‘Smoky waves’ has also been a favorite hair style for a long time being. It is a long bob cut with smoky hair color, and it is so stylish and trendy for all time.

For whom who have straight hair can try a ‘dark bob.’ It will suit their faces. It is a straight bob cut on dark black hair.

You can also try ‘Greige Waves.’ In this style, you will find a smoky purple color with smooth waves.

If you have chubby cheeks, you can try a round braid over your head. You can try a regular braid or also French braid. Having this style you will look gorgeous and stylish. It is an appropriate hair style for any party make-up.

Try light golden or ash color on your hair with volume layer haircut. It will change your total look by giving a bold as well as nice look.

If your hair reaches to your shoulder, just have a straight haircut with or without some smooth waves. This hairstyle is for all time quick looks.

Our next hairstyle is for those who have a round face but not so chubby. Both male and female can try it. Have a short haircut of 2 to 3 inches and keep them a bit messy but not more. It is simple hairstyle like the pixie.

So, nothing to worry if you have short hair and want to manage it in a stylish way, choose any one style for short hairstyles for round faces from the above ones and decorate yourself as per your choice.

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