how many grams of sugar per day

The daily requirement of sugar per day

The daily requirement of how many grams of sugar per day


In terms of keeping our health fit for every day, we take different types of food for different types of vitamins. So, sugar is one of them. Here I would like to mention the different types of sugars required for our body. For some natural sugars, a certain types of food items such as sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruits and dairy are quite enough as well. These type of natural sugars are great for our health. But it has some limitations with people of diabetic, over-weighted or intentionally trying to diet control. Now I will make you a path to know of how many grams of sugar per day.


When I talk about sugar, it simply means high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, corn sugar and sucrose or many more. It is truth that, the uses of sugar has significantly increased over the past century. Because of eating habits. As a result, the dire consequence we have been suffering from the illness such diabetes, obesity and many more.


how many grams of sugar per dayFor the past six years, the sugar consumption has raised more than 40 pounds for a person. So, now it added 150 pounds more of sugar on the basis of average consumption per year. In addition, the consumption rate is seen higher in the female.


According to a recent report that says, that the average consumption of sugar in USA is 88 grams per head for per day and the average child intake is 90 grams of sugar every day.


For present days, the obesity rate in adults and kids have jumped and in my opinion, this will be the main reason of taking the sugar and junk food or fat excessively. Many health specialists prescribe to lessen the sugar consumption to get rid of being over-weighted.


So, if you are addicted to sugar and have a problem to get rid of it, I suggest you to eliminating the consumption of sugar day by day. After practicing for days, you will get a good result of reducing the consumption of sugar.


how many grams of sugar per dayThere are many ways to avoid sugar that has very impact to our health. But you can take a standard measure of sugar that requires for a day. 50-60 grams of sugar may standard when you would like to know of how many grams of sugar per day.


For a better health condition, you not needed to have an extra amount of sugar every day. Vegetables or fruits that contain sugar are quite enough to cover your daily requirements.


However, the excessive amount of sugar is not sounding good for our health. So, we should be away from taking sugar unnecessarily. Because the excessive amount of may cause many diseases such as diabetes, obesity etc. The sugar amount that requires for our body every day, we can get it from vegetables and fruits. So, this is not a must to take an extra sugar to meet our daily requirement. It is harmful to us.


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