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Cute Short Hair Cuts for Women

Cute Short Hair Cute


We can forget everything, but cannot forget to take care of our beautiful hairs! When we go outside, our hairs apparently do not enjoy damn dust. Especially, women’s hairs face problems more than men because of their long hairs. Dust can be a great cause for hair fall. Moreover, long hairs catch it quickly. Nevertheless, the beauty of a woman is her hairs, long hairs! If she cut that, she may get a bad look because of her bad hair cutting. In this article, our discussion will be about women’s cute short haircuts.

Let’s make hairs short from longer, but hairs should not look formless, shapeless. Still, short hairs could be beautiful as long hairs could be. There are a lot of cute short haircuts for women in these days. Among those, many of are extremely popular. Even, so many people like to have short haircuts than long ones.

Let’s see some types of cute short haircuts.

Color Bob Cut

Bob cut means a short haircut which cut hairs straight around the head at the level of ears or below the ears and high shoulders. It is a straightforward and good looking hairstyle for young women. Color bob cut style gives your hairs colors, particularly on the rear side. In short, cut your hair at the level of ears or shoulders and color the rear side of hair as you wish!

cute short hair cutsPixie Cut

Such haircuts had become popular from 1950 when one of the characters of Roman Holiday film took on this cut. The hairs of above and front side stay longer than back and on either side called Pixie Cut. It is no longer a single haircut style. At present, you can enjoy many types of styles in Pixie Cut category. Some beautiful pixie haircuts are Pixie Wedge, Two-Tone Pixie, Pixie Bob, Choppy Gray Pixie, Bleach Blonde Pixie, Undercut Pixie, Platinum Pixie, Feathered Pixie and so on.

Imperfect Pixie

It is not entirely like the real Pixie cut, maybe that is why we call it as the imperfect pixie. It is a quick and easy hairstyle. Put any hair gel in your hand, and just flow over your hands over the head with touching hairs. You hairs should be short, of course like a Pixie cut. Roll your hands, and you are ready with your imperfect pixie hairstyle.

Short hair cutting now has become like fashion. Besides, it is comfortable than women’s long hairs.  Your short hairs would not catch dust as much as long hairs! You do not need to wash your long hairs! So usually, the level of your tension would be decreased. If you want to go for a birthday party or wedding party or any such kind of big party or suppose new year party, you may have your hairs with any of cute short haircuts.

You may go to a nice beauty parlor to get the best haircut according to your choice. When you use hair gels, make sure those are from good and well-known brands. Sometimes, gels can cause hair fall. Even, you can lose your all hairs with using bad hair gels.

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