how long do you cook a turkey

Tips and tricks of how long do you cook a turkey

Tips and tricks of how long do you cook a turkey


Many people become thoughtful about cooking turkey. But I think, there in nothing to worry about. It’s really a easy way and when you can be dare to cook it, you will see everything is coming easy. You can think that how long do you cook a turkey. Just start and see the time you consume to cook a turkey as well. By following some helpful tips, one can easily successful to complete a thanks giving feast or any other occasional meal in no time.


Actually, to cook a turkey in traditional way is called roast. So, to roast something, you can find many ways. Any way, if you want to start your first experience with turkey, just wash a turkey very nicely. Then check it well that any pin-feather is available or not. Otherwise, you have to remove the chunk of fat that does not allow many for diet control issue. Now, take a drumstick and a string. Tying the drumstick with string and secure the wings of the turkey with toothpicks. It will help you to make brown in color. Right now if do not want to stuff it, then the cavity of the bird mix with salt. The stuff turkey takes longer time than unstuffed turkey.


how long do you cook a turkeyTo cook turkey, you need a roasting pan that has a lid with it. If you don’t have any roasting pan, then any types of large baking pan will work for that. However, use the cooking spray and cover your with an aluminum cover so that it becomes easy to cook your turkey. Put your turkey into the pan and again cover it with same cover or foil. Actually, the time of cooking a turkey depends on your cooking style. Because, for a unstuffed pound of turkey takes only half an hour while the stuffed turkey goes a bit long time. Hence, everybody, who are very much interested in cooking interesting food keep a meat thermometer. Because it will show you the right temperature of cooking the meat. For turkey, 170 degree or 180 degree is enough.


Now, come to your option, if you want to have a shorter time for cooking a turkey, you need then a roasting bag. Actually, these bags are not so expensive and using these bags, you will save your time much. If you use these bags, you will be able to cook almost ten pounds of turkey in only two hours. So, according to the aspect of your turkey quality-stuffed or unstuffed, these bags contain a timetable, box and instructions of how much turkey for what time. For doing that you have to use, a tablespoon of flour to the bag you use. And to take the heated turkey from sticking then pop it in your prepared turkey. After all is doing, tie it to secure the end of the bag. Now, you will see your turkey brown and juicy.


However, you can make your turkey, by frying. It will be very expensive and fast. This is very costly, because, you have buy a turkey fryer and a lot of oil will be used for making turkey. It will take very shorter time to cook turkey. Three minutes for a pound of turkey. Therefor, if you are unable to invest more for turkey fryer, it is not bad for you. Just carry as your own. This is all you need to cook a juicy turkey.

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