how many calories do I burn a day

Calculation of how many calories do I burn a day

Calculation of how many calories do I burn a day

This is a kind of fun that you want to reduce your calories but do not take care of controlling your food habit. If you think yourself that how many calories you burn a day and how much food you taking in a day, then you will get the proper answer of your question. So, go to a calculation of how many calories you burn off  a day and how much you should take a day. you just multiply your weight in pounds by ten to get a fair result of calories you burn in a day. Actually, this a rough calculation of how many calories you burn a day at rest. This also is known as a basal metabolic rate of calories burn calculation.

how many calories do I burn a dayYour weights (in pounds) X 10 is equal to your calories burn in a day.

Your weights (in kilos) X 92.40 is equal to your weight in kilojoules burn in a day.

Though, this is truth that we all do not spend our time only lying in the bed or sitting on the sofa. We all, however, more or less move anyway. So, your activities have a fair impact on burning your calories. However, we further calculate of how active you are, and then, multiply the figure again-

  • If you are busy with sitting job (office works), then multiply your weight by 1.3
  • If you are not so busy, but moderately busy with shop worker, home work etc. so, multiply it by 1.4
  • And you are very busy like a traffic police or postman, it means you are active all the way, then multiply it by 1.5
  • Now you are very active and doing with hard job like body builder, fitness trainer etc. then multiply it by 1.7

These are the rough calculation of a person of burning his calories in a day by different types of activities. However, you should take 2,000 kilojoules to get lost of 0.5 kg or one pound of your weight in a week. Say for example, if you are a man of 70 kgs and work in moderately such as in a shop or home work, then the calculation as follows-

Calculation in calories

154  x 1.4 x 10 = 2156 kcl is burning a day and

2156 – 500 = 1556 kcl you to eat on a diet per day.

Calculation in kilojoules

70 X 1.4 X 92.40 = 9055 kj is burning per day and

9055 -2100 = 6955 kj you to eat on a diet per day

However, your calories growth in your body quite depends on your food habit. If you take your food without any consideration, then you must be healthy and heavy weighted. However, you can take as much food as you need, but you have to be careful to have workout to equalize the calories intake your body. Therefore, controlling the fat and food habit is a very important issues for those who are very anxious with their health. So, control your mouth first.



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