how many calories do you burn sleeping

Calculating the calories burning process in sleeping

How many calories do you burn sleeping

The amount of calories burned quite depends on the level of a person’s physical and non-physical activities. Sleeping is a non physical activity and the calories burning process depends on the internal organs inside the body. If all the organs of a man works well during sleeping, then, it has a potentiality to be burned fats or sugar of that man in sleeping. So, how many calories do you burn sleeping depends on some several factors such as weight, sex, age, metabolism and environmental affecting rate. Hence, we can say that it can vary the calories burning due to the characteristics of a man as well.

Calculating the calories burned in sleeping

In a sleep, the weight of the man or women and the hours he or she sleeps determines the amount of calories are burned. Generally, a sound health man or woman can burn about 0.45 calories for a pound of his or her weight in an hour he or she sleeps. Say for example, a 200 pounds man or woman can burn 90 calories in an hour of sleeping. On an average, if the person sleeps 6 hours a day, then he will be able to burn 720 calories for a sleeping of 6 hours of time. It is a simple equation of multiply the hours and the amount of calories burned in an hour. However, for the heavier person and the longer period of time can burn the maximum volume of calories as well.

how many calories do you burn sleepingThe other factors involved in burning calories

A person’s mass of muscle can impact on the rate of burning calories. So, in sleeping, a healthy muscleman can burn more calories than a less muscle mass man. The metabolism in our body also helps burning calories. An active person who is always energetic in work and doubtlessly can burn more calories. On the other hand, a weak metabolism man is generally slower and less energetic, so, will able to burn less calories from his body. In science, a person covers all the losses in daytime activities during a sound sleep. Because this is clear that an inactive person is not able to spend his energy during a daytime. Hence, he has not much energy to recover it in sleeping. 

Things to consider on sleeping and burning calories

The question is that what reasons are very much responsible of how many calories do you burn sleeping. Here are some reasons that affect on burning the calories in sleeping.

  • A sound sleep of 7-9 hours is so much important for burning a sufficient amount of calories. So, for a good result in burning your calories and weight, you need sound sleep.
  • In winter, to apply the winter as a treatment of your sleeping. So, never use any heater to get your room wormy, just use the blanket for a better sleep in the winter. On the other hand, in hot weather, use air condition to get a comfortable sleep in night or daytime. As a result, you will get your utmost sleeping and be able to burn more calories from your body.
  • To get more metabolism, exercise regularly that will help you sleeping well.
  • Avoid extreme of drinking alcohol. It may hamper your sleeping at night.
  • Always try to be relaxed and trouble free.

However, the above factors are involved in your sleeping and burning calories you gain on the daily food practice. So, be careful and live with a sound health and sound mind.


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